At the age of 7 I started JKA Karate under Vernon Sensei in Port Elizabeth. My parents moved to another town and I had to stop Karate. I was then a Junior Brown 3.In 1983 I finish school with matric (grade 12) and joined the South African Police Force on 1983-12-01. I’m currently serving my 32nd year in the Police force as a Captain.  
In 1990-06-01 I married Marlene. My eldest son shown interest in Shotokan Karate and at the age of 6 years he started with the SAJKA Organization. My interest in Karate started again and I promise my son if he reaches Green belt I will start again. The day he graded to green belt I kept quiet about starting thinking he forgot our conversation or my promise. Then out of the blue he asked me when I will be starting
I started my Karate journey again on 2007-10-10 and graded to Shodan in 2007-10-10 under SAJKA Johan Roets Sensei. In 2009-08-04 I joined Michael Kliment Sensei who in that year joined the WJKA.  
What I saw in the WJKA interested me immediately. At that stage Michael Kliment had only two clubs under his wing. The same year Michael Sensei, Pietro Benini Sensei and I founded the South Africa Federation of Shotokan Karate affiliated to the WJKA with three clubs. I was chosen to be the General Secretary for SA FSK. I recruited 10 clubs into the SAFSK. I also pushed that all SAFSK Black belts must register their grades with the WJKA. Currently a few Senior Black Belts broke away from SAFSK who do not want to affiliate to the WJKA anymore and we started our own Organization under the WJKA.  
Still in 2009 my son and I graded together to 2° Dan. In 2012-10-25 I graded to 3° Dan. On 2015-06-21 I was promoted to 4° Dan by the President of WJKA Shihan Jan Knobel.  
My personal vieszpoint is that your Style/Organization must be 1st priority. All Styles is secondary and not important at all for me.  
As a Police Officer who is use to Rules and Regulations I find it very frustrating if people don’t stick to Rules and Regulations and are sometimes a little bit rude but that is the Policeman inside me. On a lighter side I like to braai (barbeque) on an open fire with my friends.