My name is Shaun Gough. I am a 26 year old South African male. I started Karate at the age of 14. Karate has shaped me as person and it definitely changed my life. Karate has always been more than a sport to me. It`s an art and a way of life.

Today I am a 4th Dan and the proud chief instructor of two dojo`s in South Africa. I am the chief referee on the TSKSA board. Recently I have been selected to represent the WJKA junior board. I would say being selected on the WJKA junior board is my highest accomplishment of my career thus far. With this being said, I would like to take this opportunity to thank WJKA HQ for putting their trust in me.

I pledge to do my best to keep the WJKA name high.

As a young boy I never did any sport. In primary school I tried every single sport. And to be honest, I was never good at any of them. My late father always told me to try out karate, but I never gave it a try. At the age of nine years old I lost my father in a car accident. I then decided to do the thing he always wanted me to do, start Karate. At a local carnival I bought a hotdog from one of the stalls and I got two free Karate classes. Ever since I couldn`t stay away.Finally, I found something I enjoyed and was good at. My sensei was late Sensei Ben de Swart from JKA.

He made a big difference in my life and today I strive to do the same for my students. Karate has taught me to work hard for the things you want in life.


2003- My karate journey started under JKA.

2005- I won my first gold medal in kata at the SA-JKA National Championships.

2006- I won gold in kata and gold in kumite at the SA-JKA National Championships.

2007- I passed my Sho-dan grading examined by sensei Johan Roets from SA. I also competed in the SASKA Intercontinental Championships and won a bronze medal in kata.

2008- At the end of 2008 sensei Johan Roets came to visit again and I passed my Ni-dan granding.

2011- I passed my San-dan grading examined by sensei Michael Kliment.

2015- I passed my Yon-dan grading examined by sensei Michael Kliment.

2015 Had the opportunity to represent South Africa at the 5th WJKA World Championships held in the Netherlands. Also selected as team captain.

2016- End of 2015, start of 2016 we broke away from FSK and started our own organisation TSKSA and committed to WJKA. I was selected as chief referee on our board. This was a huge honour.

2017- I received the best news as I was elected onto the WJKA international junior board. I would say this was my highest accomplishment thus far in my career.