Nakayama Masatoshi

Nakayama Masatoshi 10th Dan, was appointed as the first headmaster of the Japan Shotokan Association. His position was given to him by the founder of the Shotokan style and father of modern day karate: O Sensei Funakoshi Gichin.

  Through his own training and research Nakayama Masatoshi Shihan and his teachings progressively differed somewhat from Funakoshi Shihans concepts and philosophy. This led to more scientific and competitive approach to the training within the JKA organizational structure itself.  

The Shoto kai under Egami Shigeru, which split with the JKA after Funakoshi’s death in 1957, claim to follow the ‘true’ path of Shotokan. They feel that the competition approach to karate as followed by the JKA, deviated too much from the path set by Funakoshi himself affecting both the training protocols and philosophy of the JKA branch of Shotokan.  

As headmaster and Chief Instructor of the JKA, his research and publications dictated the teachings of the JKA at that time. His Best Karate series and books such as Dynmic Karate continually act as the ‘bibles’ of Shotokan karate for many students world wide and for many Nakayama Ryu is, Traditional Shotokan.