Anatoliy NaumenkO

In 1990 he participated in the 10 day workshop, which was conducted in Kiev, Polish master jiu-jitsu and Shaolin Kempo . Then in the same year met with Savchenko (1st Dan), who once studied in Hungary in the center of JKA and got there a black belt. Later, under the guidance, which continued study of traditional karate, visiting his dojo in Kirovograd for several years.

In 1991 he created the club “East” which began to develop karate and jiu -jitsu.

In 1992 and 1994, the passage of the seminar led by Serbian masters I.Yorga, 7th dan.

In 1995, he attended an one-week training course on traditional karate -do in a monastery in Yugoslavia (European Shaolin), led I.Yorga, 7th dan (Serbia). On his initiative, created Cherkasy Regional Federation of Traditional Karate-do.

In 1996, master H. Nishiyama visited Ukraine (9 Dan) invited to sensei Anatoly seminar. In the same year, after the seminar, Elijah Yorgey exam – on 1Specification.

In 1997, he participated in the seminar V.Kvichinskogo (5th Dan). Again a seminar with sensei H. Nishiyama and examination for 2nd Dan. Master Hiroshi Shirai  (9 Dan) first visit to Ukraine. Judge at the European Championship ETKF in Davos (Switzerland). Release in Cherkassy State University. B.Khmelnitsky the faculty of physical education.  

In 1998, participation in the seminar H. Nishiyama. Judge at the European Championship ETKF in Caorle (Italy). Judge at the World Championships ITKF in Warsaw (Poland).  

In 1999, participation in the seminar H. Nishiyama and in the same year, after a passage of the seminar H.Shirai handing him the exam, 3 Dan. Judge at the European Championship ETKF in Lodz (Poland).  

In 2000 he was appointed coach of the national team of Ukraine to prepare for the European Championship ETKF in Ukraine. Judge at the European Championship ETKF in Kiev (Ukraine). Judge at the World Championships ITKF in Bologna (Italy). Because of the split in the traditional karate federation of Ukraine went out of her composition.  

In 2001, took 1st place at the International Tournament in Moscow (Russia) Karate FSKA. In June, Kovar (Poland) met with Shihan Kenneth Funakoshi (9th Dan), becomes his disciple and FSKA official representative in Ukraine. Judge at the III World Championships FSKA in Riga (Latvia).  

In 2002, judge in the open championship of Europe (WAMMCO) in Lutsk. Judge at the world championships in martial arts (WAMMCO) in Copenhagen (Denmark). Graduated with honors from CSU. Cherkasy oblast department of physical culture and sports club “East” is recognized – the best club in the area.   In 2003 in Wroclaw (Poland) successful completion of the exam K. Funakoshi to 4th Dan. In the same year, a seminar with K.Funakoshi Tikhoretsk (Russia). Organizes international tournament in Cherkassy and workshop led by K. Funakoshi.  

In 2004, participation in regular seminar K.Funakoshi in Wroclaw (Poland). In the same year, with his active support, created Federation of Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Dojo with central Ukraine in Cherkasy.

In 2005, organized an international tournament in Cherkassy. Ranks 1, 2 and 3 places 5 Continental European Championships (FSKA) in Kilarney (Ireland).  

In 2006 Tikhoretsk (Russia) has successfully passed the exam with K. Funakoshi to 5th Dan. The nomination of an international organization, recognized as the best referee FSKA Judge at the VIII World Championship in Las Vegas FSKA (USA).  

In 2007, a seminar is being held in Tikhoretsk (Russia) under the leadership of K. Funakoshi. Participation in Kharkov, in the seminar J. Boer (7th dan). In the same year participated in a seminar with M. Hisataka (10 Dan), held in Cherkassy. Judge on the ninth world championship in FSKA Crowley (England), as well as judge at the Open World Karate Championships , dedicated to the memory of Gichin Funakoshi in Jesolo (Italy).  

In 2008, participated in the seminar with K.Funakoshi in Kaliningrad (Russia), also participated in Sumy, a seminar with T.Kubota (10th dan). Successfully organized in Dnepropetrovsk holding the European Championship FSKA, to which Ukraine is a 1- place team. Judge on X World Championships in FSKA Jesolo (Italy). Ukraine occupies 2 team place.

In 2009 in Cherkassy organizes international seminar under the direction of Shihan K. Funakoshi . Takes part in the world championship martial arts (WAMMCO) in Copenhagen (Denmark) and assigned as official representative of the World Confederation of martial arts and sports in Ukraine.  

In 2010, organizes a trip to the International Karate Tournament (WKF) in Mumbai (India), where Ukraine won the main prize – the Asian Cup. Organizes visit to Ukraine Darergarda F. Sheehan, president WAMMCO, who conducts judicial seminar and who is present as the guest of honor on the Ukrainian Championship Martial Arts in White Church. Senior tatami at the XII World Championship FSKA in Karpacz (Poland ), where Ukraine are 2 team place.

In 2011 in Cherkassy organizes international seminar under the direction of Shihan K. Funakoshi.  

In 2012, the Ukrainian team under his leadership participates in the Ozawa Cup, Las Vegas ( USA). Ukrainian team at the XIV World Championships in Denver (USA) ,takes 2nd place teams. In 2013, Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Federation of Ukraine becomes a member WJKA and takes part in the World Cup in Germany. At the invitation of the Latvian Federation of Karate-jitsu holds seminar in Riga. In the same year, Ukrainian national team at the World Cup in Zhukowo (Poland), takes the first place team .   First in Ukraine organized a seminar under the leadership of President WJKA, master Jan Knobel (8th Dan), The Netherlands.   In 2014 in Riga (Latvia) to Baltic Olympiad martial arts and the European Championship Karate Jitsu Ukraine are 66 medals (27 gold, 13 silver, 26 bronze) Under his pers onal direction, sensei Naumenko has trained more than 20 black belts.