The first a set foot at a karate dojo was at the end of the eighties, to be precise march 1986.  
I started training with Sensei Knobel. In these years sensei himself was heavily exploring karate and all his students had the benefit from this. Together with him and other students visiting numerous courses by both national and international know European and Japanese instructors our knowledge and skills grew.  
In October 1989 I graduated shodan and march 1992 nidan. These grades were national grades.  
In 1993 we were fortunate to meet Assai sensei and become part of his JKA family.
I graduated my JKA shodan October 1993 and nidan June 1995.
After a period of less karate due to work and family reasons I graduated sandan January 2008, followed by yondan April 2012 and godan July 2017.
Uptil today I am still training with Sensei Knobel and since we made a mutual agreement we will be the next 25 years