Vice President & Technical advisor
Don Owens 9th Dan began his karate training in Canada in 1965, with Yamashiro Hiroo sensei (JKA Vancouver) a student of Sugano Jun sensei, 9th Dan, JKA Vice Chairman.  
During his 46 years in karate, Owens Hanshi has trained with some of the most senior Japanese instructors in the world to include Nakayama Masatoshi 10th Dan, Chief Instructor to the Japan Karate Association and Sugano Jun 9th Dan, JKA Vice Chairman. His role as a former police officer has allowed him access to many instructors and his on the job experience makes him appreciate the true maxims of both Shotokan and karate as a whole and his ability to teach these concepts is second to none.
Owens Hanshi founded two well-known and highly respected dojo in the Langly and Vancouver areas of British Columbia, which are still functioning to this day.  
In 1992, Owens Hanshi joined Asai Tetshuhiko’s faction of the JKA staying with him until his passing in 2005. Owens Hanshi is an exponent and teacher of Asai Ha which he uses as advanced training to Nakayama Ha, JKA style karate.   Owens Hanshi is currently head of Canada JKA and the ASKA (All Shotokan Karate Association). After meeting and discussing his future with Yokota sensei Owens Hanshi joined the WJKA, where he holds a seat as a member of its Shihankai.