President & Chief Instructor

Jan Knobel 9th Dan began his karate training in Holland in 1970, where he was influenced by his Japanese instructor Miyazaki Satoshi 8th Dan to continue with a karate journey that would become his life.  
Knobel sensei was a formidable tournament participant where he became Dutch National Champion on several occasions, JKA (Asai faction) European Champion, and finally JKA (Asai faction) World Champion 1996. He has also coached his squad through to places in several European and World Championships.   
As a former member of the JSKA, he was certified as a member of their Shihankai by Abe Keigo 9th Dan and he is a Fellow, Technical Committee member and holds the shogo: Hanshi with the International Shotokan-Rye Karate-Do Shihankai.  
During his 46 years in karate, he has trained with some of the most senior Japanese instructors in the world both at in Europe and Japan to include such notables as Nakayama Masatoshi 10th Dan, Kase Taiji 9th Dan, Shirai Hiroshi 9th Dan, Enoeda Keinosoku 9th Dan, Abe Keigo 9th Dan and Yahara Mikio 8th Dan however one of the main influences was to be Asai Tetsuhiko 10th Dan, former JKA Technical Director and founder of Asai Ha.

Courses with Sensei J. Knobel

Small impression of the courses with sensei J. Knobel.
Sensei J. Knobel has given many courses in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Italy,  Portugal, United Kingdom, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungaria, South Africa and USA.

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